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Not your average cleaning company


We are a family local cleaning company proudly offering the best cleaning services family owned and operated.


We were born to clean. We’re just wired that way. There’s nothing we like better than getting stuck in to a dirty home and making it sparkle again.


In fact, we love what we do so much we revolutionised the way you book your house cleaning in Jacksonville. We were the first local company to introduce a high-tech online booking platform, so we know what we’re doing and we’re always looking to improve.


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On top of our normal services we are also offering a special “Disinfectant Services” for people who want a top to bottom disinfect of their homes.

Here’s what’s included.

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned.

All Areas

Light Tidy Up
Extensive Tidy Up
Cobweb Removal
Empty Bins
Dust Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors
Wipe Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors
Dust/Clean Doors
Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points
Dust All Reachable Surfaces
Dust/Clean Mirrors
Air Freshen/Deodorise (optional)
Vacuum/Clean soft furnishing
Vacuum Accessible Areas Under Beds/Couches/Furniture


Clean Ceilings
Lightly Dust Blinds
Vacuum/Wipe visible window tracks/sills
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

Bedroom / Living Areas

Make Beds
Dust/Wipe All Surfaces
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets


Vacuum/Mop All Accessible Floors
Scrub/Clean Bath
Scrub/Clean Shower
Scrub/Clean Sinks
Wipe Down Benches
Clean Mirrors
Clean/Polish Tapware and Chrome
Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior)
Empty Bins
Clean/Disinfect Toilet
Scrub Wall Tiles/Grout
Clean Ceiling Exhaust Fans
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets


Clean Stovetop
Clean Rangehood (exterior)
Clean Underside of Rangehood
Clean Exhaust Fans/Filters
Clean/Wipe All Bench tops
Clean Visible Appliances (exterior)
Clean Splashback
Clean/Polish Tapware
Scub/Clean Sink
Clean Inside/Outside Microwave
Clean Cupboards (exterior)
Polish Stainless Steel Surfaces
Dust All Surfaces
Remove Food and Wipe Inside Dishwasher
Inside Oven
Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

What is a Disinfectant Clean?

Our team will perform the same services and follow the same check-lists however they will only use products that disinfect surfaces and effectively kill all germs/bacteria/viruses. This extra is perfect for when you want to make sure all kinds of germs are killed throughout the areas of the home that you elect to have cleaned.


For the most thorough service we recommend the 2 Maids 4 hours each Service.

We’ve Created The Perfect Service For You

Regular cleaning is what All Cleaning specialize in. We constantly listen to our customers and continue to optimize and tailor our services to give you exactly what you want.

Customisable Service

We let you decide what you want and when you want it. If you want us to follow your list and instructions.

No Lock In Contracts

We give you benefits of a regular service, without any lock in contracts or commitments needed. Book a regular clean to get the benefit of up to 10% off, but cancel anytime.

We Always Send The Same Team!

We know how frustrating it is to get different cleaners every service. We assign a permanent cleaning team to your service and will only offer an alternative if you request it or if your team is unavailable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

When will my cleaner arrive?

After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain a summary of your booking, including a line that shows the date and time of arrival. This will indicate when you should expect the cleaner. Please note there may be an arrival window, and the team will arrive between these times and then start cleaning.

What will my cleaner bring to the service?

All of our cleaners come fully equipped with their own cleaning equipment and supplies. However, if you would like a particular product or equipment used in your home you are more than welcome to leave it out for the cleaner. All of our cleaners are advised to disinfect and change all clothes and sponges in between services and they are to use different clothes for bathrooms, kitchens and common areas.

What if I don’t have parking available for the cleaners?

Please note that we require parking to be provided for our cleaning teams. If you live in the city or in an area where parking is difficult, please make sure to either contact us and let us know if we can use a private car parking spot or advise if there is public parking available. Any parking costs incurred will be billed on top of the service.

Do I have to be home during the service?

This is entirely up to you – you can be there for the service, let the cleaner in and leave, or even not be there at all. You are more than welcome to provide access to your cleaners by way of a key/lockbox. Please note that in general our cleaners work most efficiently when the house is empty of people and pets.

How do I contact the office regarding my service?

You can contact the office via phone, txt or email. Our office hours are 7am – 5pm.

Phone: 904.864.6693

Txt Message: 904.864.6693


What if I am not happy with my service?

We appreciate all feedback we get, whether it’s positive or negative. If you are not satisfied with your service, please call our office with details regarding what might have been an issue and include all relevant photos. We will then proceed with our 200% satisfaction guarantee, and aim to provide a re-clean within 2 days of the initial service for any missed/unsatisfactory areas and/or look at an appropriate discount if required.

How do I make changes to my booking?

You will receive confirmation and reminder emails before your service.  You can make changes to your service anytime, If these changes don’t affect the cleaner’s schedule, they will go ahead. If your change clashes in the cleaner’s schedule, our friendly office staff will get in contact with you to try and reach a solution that benefits all parties.

Can I give the cleaner a key?

Yes. Our office regularly runs reports on the keys in which the cleaners have in their possession. We strongly enforce only first names and the first initial of the last name to be on the key tag. Strictly no phone numbers, addresses or full names are to be on the keys at any time, so they cannot be traced back to the property. Alternatively, you can get a key safe from any general hardware store for your property and provide us with the code. This is starting to be a very common practice with our customers. If, for example, your cleaner can not make your service due to an emergency, the key is available for a replacement team to complete the service on the same day. We therefore highly recommend key safes or something similar to provide remote access.

Will I get the same cleaner each service?

Generally, yes. We always endeavour to match you with a cleaner who will continue your service ongoing, however there are occasions such as public holidays, illnesses, emergencies and travel/holidays that may impact your usual cleaner being sent to your property. We always try our very best to give you plenty of notice of any changes made to your service, but unfortunately, there are things that are out of our control that may impact your service on the day booked. We can not guarantee a regular cleaner for 4-weekly bookings (unless arranged directly with staff) due to scheduling issues.

Is window cleaning interior and exterior?

Unfortunately no, we only complete interior window cleaning, exterior cleaning and power washer are extra charge.

Do you clean under furniture?

We will move and clean under small objects and light furniture. We will also vacuum/mop under heavy furniture (like beds and couches) however we will strictly not move heavy furniture. This is due to the high risk of scratching floors. We are happy if customers would like to move furniture for us, but we will not instruct the cleaning teams to do so themselves.

Can I book steam cleaning on the day of my clean?

Yes you can, but please keep in mind that steam cleaning may need to be staggered on the day of your service if the initial team sent to you are not trained steam cleaners. For example, your cleaners may arrive at 9am to complete the general cleaning and finish up a few hours later, then David will arrive to complete the steam cleaning.

How can I cancel my service?

You can cancel your service at any given time, either online or over the phone. We have no lock-in contracts that you need to worry about. Please note: all cancellations must be made 1 business day before the service is to take place.

Do you work on the weekend?

We work on Saturdays as usual, and if you need to speak with our team please just text/call 904.864.6693. We do not operate on Sundays.

Does your company do any exterior work?

Please contact us for any external service required.

How do I pay for my service?

We accept checks, cash, credit card, online payment, we can send you the link after we complete the job for online payment.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our services that we offer a 200% guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your house cleaning please get in touch and we will send a team out to make it right. If you are still not happy enough to recommend us to your friends, we offer up to a full refund.